How Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

十月 22nd, 2012

Sometimes driving traffic to your site or blog can seem exhausting – a never-ending battle!

How Pinterest Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

What and Why of Pinterest

Pinterest, for the three or four of you who have been living on the Moon, is a pinboard-style photo sharing site that has become incredibly popular in recent months. It can single-handedly drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. If you’re not using it, start! If you are, make sure you’re following these basic tips for making it work for you as hard as possible.

Pinterest Tips

1. First of all, make sure you put images on your site. This might seem kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised. You can link any post from your blog or site to Pinterest, but if there are no default images you’ll have to make sure you add an image to each one or there won’t be anything for people to ‘pin’. Add a few default images that show up on any post, and even if you forget or choose not to add a specific image to a post, it’ll still be pinable.

2. Make your images big. Taller is better. Infographics are popular, too, but if you make all of your images elongated they garner more interest because they stand out and are visually engaging. An easy way to accomplish this is to gather several images into one, stacking them on top of each other – but be sure this makes sense. Simply stacking disparate images on top of each other will make your images look strange and disconnected. Put a little thought into it.

3. Post a lot. People like to have a lot of content in general – if a blog only posts once a month, that post better be amazing, or people will forget you even exist. Post often, and post a lot of images to your page. This will encourage people to return often to see what’s new and to pin lots of images, which will in turn attract more people to your page.

4. Don’t just post your own stuff. Link to other pages. Mix it up. People like blogs and pinboards to be resources, places they can go for curated content. If all you do is post your own stuff it will feel like advertising and people will be turned off. But if you become the default place people go to for information on a given subject, your traffic will swell over time.

Pinterest is an amazing resource, one that you should be using vigorously. Follow these basic rules and even a mild effort will yield some pretty startling traffic numbers!

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